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Juniors & Seniors

The next step after Nippers is Juniors & Seniors. The Juniors age group starts at u/15 and runs up until u/19. After this, they become seniors and compete in the open category at competitions.  The Juniors & Seniors are very social groups as they often train together as well as compete in mixed teams at East Cape Champs & Nationals. 

Juniors & Seniors each complete a lifesaving course to attain their Junior Lifeguard Award (JLA) & Senior Lifeguard Award (SLA). Once these courses have been completed, they are then required to do voluntary duty service at Nahoon Beach, under EL Surf. The hours accumulated allow them to compete at various competitions across the country such as East Cape Champs, Nationals & Interprovincials. This voluntary duty allows the kids to give back to the community while making lifelong friends and gaining valuable experience. Duty takes place on a Sunday from 9-5 during the lifesaving season. 

JLA: (u/15 - u/17)

This course includes basic first aid, CPR, how to perform rescues, the roles of a lifeguard and other training. 

SLA: (u/17-u/19)

iThis course is more advanced course, building on the knowledge & skills learnt in the Juniors course.

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